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As some of you may know, the Ministry of Education in Kenya has not provided permission for the Daraja Choir travel to the U.S. this year. While we understand that they have the best interest of the kids at heart, we’ve seen the positive impact that Daraja tour have on their lives and their hunger for education. We are working several different avenues to resolve the issue, but we need your help.

We would love you to help us by writing a letter “to Whom it May Concern” expressing the impact that Daraja choir has had/could have on your life, church and community.

410 Bridge’s executive Director is traveling to Kenya next Tuesday and we would like to send thousands of letters with him letting them know how badly the U.S. would like to worship with the 2011 choir. IF you would like a template, email me at christi@410bridge.org and I will send you one.

Also, we would love for you to pray for us. God is up to something BIG and has involved Daraja. We want to be faithful to what HE is doing and not limited by our own sight, while giving Him the glory every step of the way.

Thank you!

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  1. To whom it may concern:
    My family has been blessed on 3 occassions to host children from the Daraja Children’s Choir in my home. Time with the girls has provided my family with a look into the lives of Kenyan children. We have gained the understanding of just how different their lives and their circumstances are when compared to our life in suburban Pittsburgh, USA. My own kids now better understand how possible it is to be thankful for all the LORD has proved even in the most difficult circumstances. The Daraja children share their love of the LORD, and have shown us how much joy can be gained by worshipping Him despite what appears to be painful lives.
    The ministry provided to our church community by the choir has also had a wonderful impact on our congregation. The joy and thankfulness of the children has proven to us that we also can be thankful and joyful in all we do. And the ministry has allowed our church members to support the children through Bright Point ministry, which has been an ongoing blessing to many of our church family.
    I pray that the choir will soon be able to travel again to the U.S. to share the joy of the LORD.

    Karen Schogel

  2. Hey Christi-
    I’ve been checking back daily to see if there are any updates on Daraja’s U.S. summer tour.. Any word yet? Am still praying for them & that Kurt’s visit to Kenya will be filled with the God’s guidance & direction… that the govt. may see his passion & they will be moved by the Spirit.
    Please know that ya’ll are in our prayers daily.. ((HUGS)) to you all!
    Jason & Dani Strickland
    Rivertown Community Church
    Blountstown, FL

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