Host Home Selection Guide

  • 7 Host Homes
  • 1 Hospitality Homes
  • 2 Back-up Homes

As you begin to consider Host Families for Daraja Choir, we want to assist you in this process by sharing some tips that we have discovered over our years of touring. Should you need assistance or have questions along the way, please contact Shelby Hicks at or call 940-632-9099.

Please ensure that you or one of your staff members VISIT the host homes before our arrival. While we often assume that all church members are best suited for hosting the Daraja Choir, we have found that unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Unacceptable situations for hosting the Daraja Choir include:
  • Alcoholism or a culture of regular/heavy drinking in the home
  • Inappropriate at-home businesses
  • A lifestyle of uncleanliness/hoarding/addictions
  • Volatile marriages/abusive relationships in the home
  • Rooms with inappropriate posters or paraphernalia, etc.

These are all situations we have faced and for which have had to confront or even remove children and chaperones from their host homes. In every situation, the pastor or church contact was the most surprised to discover the circumstances of the home.

It is helpful if the hosts could live within 20-30 minutes of the church. This is not always possible, but a drive farther than that leads to very early mornings for both the hosts and the children. While we want to be flexible, we have found it to be tiring for the host (no matter how willing they are to keep a group) and the Daraja children when they have to drive more than 30 minutes to transport the children to/from church.

  • Quiet environment
  • Preferably no young children
  • Possible vehicle available or ability to transport guest on errands, etc.
  • Downtime schedule (no entertaining necessary)

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