Pre-Concert Meal Guide

Pre-Concert Meal Information

Thank you so much for preparing a meal for the entire Daraja team. We hope the information provided below will be helpful as you begin preparing for the meal. When serving a meal for the entire choir there will always be 29 people total-this includes 12 adults along with the 17 choir members.

Important Information:
  • Whenever possible, we encourage SUGAR-FREE options for the children.
  • Because we limit the kids sugar intake, we ask that you do not prepare a dessert.
  • Please be aware of the few kids that are vegetarian or have a food allergy (this will be noted before our arrival). Other than allergies and the few vegetarians we have, we would like the children to eat what is served.
  • The children DO NOT DRINK CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES before concerts. Suggested concert-day beverages include: water, lemonade, Sprite, Crystal Light beverages, decaffeinated sweet tea, hot tea or coffee.
  • Cheese is not a popular item, but some like it. Mild cheese like mozzarella (in pizza, lasagna, etc.) is okay, but anything else is an acquired taste for them.

Meal Suggestions:

  • Chinese Food
  • Burritos/tacos (the children will NOT eat much fresh greens or cold cheese on these)
  • Pizza (usually 3 pieces each, about 90 pieces total if serving entire choir/staff)
  • Chicken fingers or nuggets (usually 6 pieces each)
  • Fried chicken pieces
  • Shepherds pie/chicken pot pie/chicken & rice casserole/casseroles
  • Hot dogs/Hamburgers
  • Lasagna/spaghetti/most any pasta
  • BBQ (sandwiches or pulled) OR Sloppy joes/chili
  • Soups: ex. Chicken Noodle soup, Minestone Soup, or Taco Soup
  • Sandwiches but generally they don’t like cheese or condiments. PB&J is always a good option.

Side Dishes:

  • White Rice
  • BEANS OF ANY KIND: kidney, black, red, pinto, etc.
  • French fries/tater tots
  • Guacamole! (anything with avocados)
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Plain Potato Chips
  • Vegetables: sweet potatoes, tomatoes, corn, green beans, collard greens (similar to a African dish called Sikumawiki)

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