The Daraja Children’s Choir
Uniting God’s Global Kingdom

Our Mission

To inspire people toward intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To restore dignity, purpose, and freedom by engaging the American church in unique and intimate worship.

Why Host Daraja?

Not everyone is called to go on a mission trip, but everyone can use the gifts and passions God has given them to engage as global kingdom citizens (1 Peter 4:10). Daraja bridges the world at large to our personal world, inspiring us all to deeper faith and engagement.

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We are building a bridge to unite all to God’s Global Kingdom through:


When the people of God unite in worship, something unique and indescribable happens. Forever changed…Never the same.


The children of Daraja are here to minister to you! An encounter with their faith, grows your faith.


One of the highlights of the Daraja experience is the opportunity to host these children and their leaders in your homes. This is where hearts connect and the world becomes a smaller, more beautiful place.

Hear How Daraja is Impacting Lives!
Encourage and inspire your church by hosting Daraja.

The impact of Daraja is not isolated to a single event. Pastors enthusiastically report back on the ripple effect experienced in church attendance, outreach engagement, and child sponsorship.

Now Booking 2018!
Daraja will be traveling the United States January through July 2018.

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If you would like to have a conversation (not a commitment) about how your faith community could intersect with the powerful story God is writing through these Daraja Choir bridge builders, please submit your information below.

Allyson Foster
Daraja Choir Booking Manager

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