Reasons to Intern with Daraja

1- You get to travel across the United States.
It’s like a never ending road trip with your best friends. You are with people you love and, along the way, you meet incredible human beings with beautiful souls. God allows you to be a part of so many people’s stories. What else could you want?

2-  You get to hang out with some pretty cool kids (and some awesome adults).
These kids are unlike any other; they are sweet, hilarious, and full of joy. Not only do you have an amazing opportunity to speak God’s truth into them, they will teach you as well. Additionally, you will work alongside some amazing adults who will encourage and speak truth into you long after tour is over.

3- You’ll experience a culture like no other.
Although Daraja is an amazing meld of bridging Africa and America, we are neither an African or American culture. We are a culture that is fully focused on glorifying God in all that we do. We  love to talk about and celebrate the places we come from, but at the end of the day, you will discover that we are really “one family in Jesus’ name.”

4- Your life will be changed forever.
You will not leave Daraja the same as you came. God will use you in ways beyond your imagination and will use Daraja as a beautiful chapter in the story He is writing for you. Through your time on tour, you will gain a fuller understanding of how fulfilling a life focused on Christ and others truly can be.

5- It’s worth it.
In Daraja the one thing we consistently say is “it’s worth it”.  It’s worth every wonderful day and every hard day, as long as these children continue to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.  It’s worth saying goodbye to them at the end of tour, so they can return home and be leaders for Christ.  It’s worth it because these children will change their world, and it will inspire you to do the same.

So make the choice to apply, because every single intern can tell you that it’s worth it.