A Very Daraja Christmas

Since Thanksgiving, Daraja has been able to spread the joy of Christmas across many states during our Christmas tour. From Pennsylvania to Mississippi, we were able to celebrate the Christmas season with an incredible number of people.
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During the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, we were blessed to spend time together at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat center in Panama City Beach, Florida.

While there, the children were able to experience many different things for the first time.

On Christmas Day, we took them to see the ocean for the very first time.IMG_9345IMG_1905 IMG_1541

After spending several hours at the beach, we went to the Panama City Rescue Mission to spread some joy.  The children sang for those eating their dinner and enjoyed some fellowship with them.


Christmas didn’t stop there, however, as we continued to celebrate Christmas throughout the entire week. Whether it was with ugly Christmas sweaters, African food, gifts, or worshipping on the beach, the party did not stop until after New Years.


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The break gave us all some much needed rest, as well as time to grow together as a family. We are so thankful to everyone who made our break possible, from Laguna Beach Christian Retreat for providing us with a place to stay to families who provided us with meals and hung out with us.  This was definitely a Christmas none of us will forget.