Why a GeneroCity Market?

There’s a lot of ways to do a fundraiser. Sell candy bars or cookies. Host a concert. Hold a 5K race. Do a car wash. Offer limited edition t-shirts. With so many options out there, you may be asking “Why a GeneroCity Market?

Nine ATL-based organizations are coming together for GeneroCity Market. Our missions vary in focus, from micro-enterprise to supporting farmers to clothing those in need. Yet with all our differences, the one thing that ties all nine nonprofits together is a strong belief in the power of second chances.

We believe there is hope for widows and sex trafficking victims. We believe women can support their families through the learning of new skills and that once barren fields can be cultivated to produce healthy crops. We believe dry wells can flow with water again and that struggling communities can thrive in the future by teaching their children problem-solving skills today.

The passing forward, recycling, and repurposing of material goods is a tangible reminder of second chances. When we give something away like a dining room table or baby crib, we often do so with a smile, remembering the happiness that item represents. We recall a season of life full of growth and memories. We hope the item brings as much joy to the receiver as it did to us.

And when we are the recipients of such items, we feel like treasure hunters who stumbled upon hidden loot. We are grateful to have located just the thing we were looking for at a fraction of the cost of buying it new. We tell our friends about our find, taking pride that we have been entrusted in giving the item its second chance.

That’s why a GeneroCity Market. We desire the Market to be a community experience that goes beyond just supporting your favorite cause (although we are definitely excited about that too!). It is our hope that by participating in GeneroCity Market, either through the donating of an item or shopping on May 2, you will be reminded of the power of second chances.

Want to learn more about the organizations who will be at GeneroCity Market? Check out the descriptions below:

410 Bridge: Partners US organizations with rural villages to complete community-initiated, sustainable development in areas such as clean water, micro-enterprise, education, healthcare and spiritual development.
Geographic focus: Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti
Connect Online: 410Bridge.org

Canopy Life: A creative learning academy that offers intentional, creative programs that develop the character, problem-solving skills, and imagination of Africa’s future leaders.
Geographic focus: Kenya
Connect Online: CanopyLife.org

Choose to Invest: Invests in and mobilizes the next generation by modeling a surrendered life and providing transformative experiences.
Geographic focus: US college campuses and rural villages in East Africa
Connect Online: ChooseToInvest.org

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself: A nonprofit clothing brand built on the promise that for every item purchased, 100% of the profit will be used to provide clothing to someone in need.
Geographic focus: Atlanta (in partnership with Atlanta Dream Center), Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti (in partnership with The 410 Bridge)
Connect Online: cyny.org

Daraja Choir: Created to bridge the cultures of East Africa and America, the Daraja Children’s Choir uses singing and dancing to ignite hearts in worship, connect lives to serve, and disciple young leaders.
Geographic focus: Tours Nationally
Connect Online: DarajaChoir.org

JustOne: Africa: The heart of Just One is to help orphans and widows lead self-sustaining lives by helping provide them with the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter and education.
Geographic focus: Kenya
Connect Online: JustOneAfrica.org

Kazi Market: An online shop specializing in goods made by artisans in Kenya, Haiti, and Uganda. Their mission is to move people from a place of dependency to dignity.
Geographic focus: Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti
Connect Online: www.KaziMarket.com

Kula Project: Invests in local farmers by helping provide access to seeds that will bear healthy crops and connecting them with fair trader buyers for their goods.
Geographic focus: Rwanda
Connect Online: KulaProject.org

Wellspring Living: Provides care and resources to domestic sex trafficking victims and the vulnerable, helping give them the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed.
Geographic focus: Atlanta
Connect Online: WellspringLiving.org