Our Visit to the Ugandan Embassy


When visiting Washington D.C. most tourist’s itineraries don’t include a stop at the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda…but for Daraja it was a must-see! And Out of all the exciting sights and sounds that D.C. has to offer, no location we ventured to left more of an impression than our visit to 16th Street North West. (Sorry National Air and Space Museum!) Who would have thought that the small brick house, the type you’d miss if you blinked, would be more awe-inspiring than the white one everyone flocks to see. Of course it wasn’t the building itself that merited our admiration, rather the people inside whose generous displays of hospitality and warm, friendly spirits welcomed us in.

Shortly after arriving, we piled into the gathering room. The children arranged into their choir lines and Alfred Nnam, Deputy Chief of Mission, walked in. After introductions Alfred Nnam led us in prayer; it was a moving experience, knowing that we were humbled in prayer alongside a great leader who also sought to serve the Lord. Once the prayer ended and we sang a few songs, Mr. Nnam allowed for questions. They ranged from “How long has the embassy been here?”to “Why is the embassy in America if it’s Ugandan?” While it was definitely an educational experience, it was also encouraging.

To conclude our time together Alfred Nnam addressed the choir, urging them to commit themselves first and foremost to the Lord, but second to their education so they could excel in life and further His name. There was something truly wondrous about watching our little Africans receive wisdom from someone who was born on the same continent, could speak the same language, and most likely had similar aspirations at their age. From one ambassador to 23 others, the message was simple: When you place God above else, there’s no limit to what He can do with your life.


Emmanuel and Joselyne with Mr. Nnam


Heading to the White House!