Let the tour begin!

Well, Daraja Fall Tour 2013 has officially started.  Our kids landed yesterday in D.C. and met their first host families from Christ Church in Kent Island, Maryland.  They sang in their first worship service this morning with some wee schoolers and then took off to tour D.C.  Everywhere they went today people greeted them with huge grins and loving eyes.  I know Daraja staff is biased, but we really do have some of the most endearing and well-behaved kids!

Check out our new official Facebook Page for pictures of the past couple of days.  We’ll post status updates as well as piles of more pictures throughout.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between you at home and us on tour.  Therefore, our Daraja Facebook account name, which limits the number of followers, will no longer post updates, pictures, or statuses.  We so desire for you to stay connected, so LIKE our new Page and share it with a friend!

Love to all of you, dear supporters.  Can’t wait for this tour to unfold!