There are only 6 DAYS away until the kids arrive back in the US for fall tour!! We are so excited to see the kids and our chaperones! We have missed them greatly! Daraja is looking forward to all that God has in store for us this tour and all the memories we will make.

We are asking our precious friends and partners to be in prayer for us as we move into this next tour season!

-Please pray as the interns and Africans travel
-Please pray for the churches that will be hosting us. Pray that God would make His presence known and revival will break out in the body of Christ.
-Please pray that we would have safety as we travel the US this tour
-Please pray that the children of Daraja would continue to grow in a deep relationship with their Savior
-Please pray for the many host homes that will be impacted through hosting Daraja

We also are asking our friends to kindly spread the word about the needs of tour!
-We still have many things on our Walmart and Target Wishlists that need to be purchased in order for the kids to have warm clothing this fall
-We are hoping to raise money to purchase a new bus after all the transportation issues Daraja experienced this past summer. If you have any connections to help us in this area we would be grateful.

Thank you for all your love and support! We can’t wait to be worshipping and spreading God’s love to thousands of people this Fall! Stay tuned for great stories!