As many of our followers know… Daraja posted a video late spring called the Daraja Dynasty. We were hoping the kids would get to meet the Duck Dynasty Crew and that dream came true over the July 4th Holiday.  The Robertson Family invited Daraja to celebrate July 4th with them.  It was an incredible week off from tour.  We stayed at a camp ground in the area and got to spend quality time together as the Daraja family and meet some amazing people too.


Innocent, Lucas, and Sadie on the 4th!



Missy Robertson came to the camp to visit with Daraja!

2013 Daraja-Missy and Richard

Missy and her wonderful friend Bonnie spent one afternoon teaching the kids how to tye dye shirts that they got to wear to the 4th of July Celebration with the Robertson crew.

2013 daraja-Missy&Bonnie

While we were at the camp ground we got to spend some extra time creating special memories with the entire Daraja Family.  One night we pretended we were putting the kids to bed and then had them come out of their cabins and come quickly to the sport field.  Waiting and hiding in the trees were none other than the incredible Daraja interns with shaving cream cans in hand.  As the kids came to the field, they were attacked with shaving cream. We had 24 cans ready to be used… Needless to say, the kids were covered head to toe! A memory none of us will forget.
We also had “crazy dress day” at camp.  We had a contest who could dress the craziest… and as you can tell by the picture, it was hard to choose!

2013 crazy dress day


ISAIAH!!!!! Watch this video for a good laugh!


We also were able to worship with the Robertson family at their amazing church – Whites Ferry Road Church.  The church sent their house groups out to Camp Ch-Yo-Ca every night to play games with us, make dinner, and have quality time! We can’t thank these families and friends enough for their generosity and kindness!

Korie and the kids after they led worship!


We were so grateful to have this time of rest, relationship building, and memory making during our summer tour.  We have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the Robertson Family, Bonnie Jones, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca and their awesome staff, Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ, and many others that made this great week possible.  Thank you for all you are doing for the Kingdom of God!  We are so blessed to know you and call you friends!

2013 daraja-girls in circle