Intern Kaylynn here. It’s no secret that I’m having the time of my life this summer. Just take a peek at my twitter/instagram/facebook feed at the adorable little faces I’m constantly taking pictures of. I’m thinking I’m in a constant state of feeling like I need to slap myself out of this really good dream.

If I had to pick one word that God’s been laying on my heart throughout the past month, it’d be “simplicity”.  Can I tell you what Daraja has been doing this summer? (Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.)

We’re loving people and we’re worshipping Jesus.  It’s SIMPLE and it’s enough to change lives for His glory. All I have to do is get on a bus with 24 Ugandan kids and go wherever it takes me. Really, it all just boils down to me moving out of the way of myself and letting God do His thang. I think He’s teaching me to live day-by-day and in “real time” with each moment and with Him, pulling me closer, taking me deeper.

“Closer” – Bethel Live

Pull me a little closer

Take me a little deeper

I wanna know Your heart

I wanna know Your heart

‘Cause Your love is so much sweeter

Than anything I’ve tasted

I wanna know Your heart

I wanna know Your heart

Woah, woah how great Your love is for me

Woah, woah how great is Your love