Want to be an Intern for the 2013 Daraja Choir?

We are praying, hoping, and planning that The Daraja Children’s Choir of East Africa will be touring in the Spring of 2013. While we are preparing for this tour, in addition to selecting the choir and all the other arrangements that go into making a tour happen, there is one thing we are missing – Your Intern Application

That’s right, we are once again accepting applications for the 2013 Spring and Summer US Tours. This is only a preliminary process, as we do not yet have the visas for the children to travel. We will not begin booking tour dates until we are certain the children will be allowed to travel to the US. However, so that we are fully prepared when we do receive the Choir’s visas we are starting the intern application process now.

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you have a passion to make a difference in the world? If you are a college age student (or know a college age student) that loves God, kids, and serving others we would love for you to consider applying as an Intern for Daraja.

A Daraja intern will spend either the spring semester or summer break of 2013 playing a vital role in the preparation and production of the choir’s tours, concerts, and host home experiences. All interns will be helping the tour directors and Daraja staff with the supervision and overall care of the children. In addition interns will specialize in a specific area of the tour in order that the entire program from set up, to tear down, runs smoothly and that the children are well cared for. There are various roles to be filled by people with all types of different interests and personalities.

Above all we are looking for interns who are willing to learn how to put others before themselves and have a servant’s heart. We realize that this is not normal everyday behavior. We want to emphasize that this is a learning process. This type of service is not very attractive, but has the potential to make an impact for eternity. This is a great opportunity to grow closer to Christ and learn more about the way of life he has called his disciples to live.

Apply Now for our 2013 Spring and Summer tours. All applications for these tours must be postdated by September 15, 2012. Fill out your application soon before it is too late. Click Here to download your intern application. We are so excited about the possibility of you traveling with us this next year as a Daraja intern. We look forward to getting to know you better soon.

If you want to know more about the Daraja Children’s Choir of East Africa please go to our website darajachoir.org