Waiting on God… part 2

This entry is another encouragement note sent to our Daraja family by our Fall Tour leader, Jeremy Gardner. God is teaching us so much about waiting on Him… and we wanted to share with you all that He is showing us!

It hadn’t rained in Savannah in a while…until about 4:30 PM today.
Then it poured.

I had just picked up Colten from his babysitter’s house and we had to stop by Target (we had to see if they had any new colors of V-necks). On the way there, we could barely see and there were puddles all over…deep puddles.
The ones you drive through to see how many pedestrians you can drench.

I realized something.
The roads were not ready for the downpour.

In the mini-drought we are in, we had gotten used to no rain.
So, we stopped preparing for it.
And, so, traffic moved slowly.

In this time of “drought”, as we wait on God…
May we not get used to the “lack of rain.”
May our roads not get flooded when God sends the downpour, but may we be ready for it, so as to not slow the traffic.