Waiting on God…part 1

This is an email we received from one of our Fall Interns, Meg. She is one of the interns who is patiently waiting on the Lord to bring the children… in His perfect timing… to the U.S. This was so encouraging that we just had to share it.

So, in Exodus, God tells Noah to build an ark. “Hey, dude. can you build a humungo boat… in the middle of the dry land?” And then Noah did everything exactly as God asked him to. Obedience. and I love that we serve a God who brings that obedience to the fulfillment of His plan. But the one thing that stuck out to me when I read it was in Gen 7:10… “and the rain came AFTER 7 DAYS.”

Noah listened to everything God said, despite the craziness of it all, the huge-ness of the boat, and all the people who told him to just stop. But he continued to listen and then God brought the enormous rain!… after 7 days. “Noah went into the ark.” I am fairly certain that He expected it to start sprinkling as they closed the ark door. but God didn’t bring the rains for 7 days. Can you imagine? Waiting in a gigantic boat that you built yourself in the middle of dry land after telling people it is going to flood and then you go into it and it doesn’t rain?

I cannot help but feel that it’s going to rain soon. I don’t know how long the 7 days is, but I know that to Noah and his family it must have seemed like forever.

OH my good gracious… I pray for you everyday (especially you, summer warriors). Praying that we will persist. and wait for the rain. and continue to prepare for the rain. I mean, it has to be coming. Even if there is no 2011 tour at all, it is coming.