Walking Around Jericho

this piece is taken from our Director, Christi Baker’s personal blog;

I’m reviving the old blog… for good reason.. because I just gotta share what God is doing… or rather, the faith-walk We are on because I still have NO idea what he’s up to.

Here are the basics:

1) The Ministry of Education for Kenya has not granted permission (for the first time in 4 years) for the Daraja Choir to travel to the US.

2)We are currently 3 weeks past our projected tour start date

3) I believe that God is up to something HUGE and we need to pray.

Ever since the decision came down denying travel to the kids for 2011, the picture of Jericho has been in my mind.

1) God told Joshua to lead the Israelites around the city. It was “tightly shut up” due to the Israelites… No one came in or out. This is SO true of communication regarding this ordeal. Everyone who has become connected has suddenly fallen off of the communication-internet-cell phone planet and we don’t hear from them again.

2) Every day for 6 days, the 7 priests and the army would march around the city and blew trumpets. The armed guard would go before the priests, but no one would say a sound or make a war cry. They just blew trumpets and then went home. I feel like this has been our team, our 7 interns and our Kenyan adults/tour leaders for weeks now. Not making much noise except to praise God with “trumpets” and to obediently continue to walk around the city. This has meant continuing to get ready for tour, continuing to prepare our hearts, continuing to serve — even though it looks to everyone around like what we are doing makes no sense and that there’s no way that the ‘wall is going to come down’. For all practical purposes, it looks as if there will be no tour.

3) BUT on the 7th day, everyone walked around the city 7 times and then Joshua declared “SHOUT! For the LORD has given you the City! The city and all that is in it is to be devoted to the Lord!”

We truly want you all to join us on this walk. I am praying with all my heart that as we pray and praise God will be the moment that God brings down the walls… but even if not, even if there are more trips around the city, we would love for you to join us. This is not just a time of prayer and petition. This is a SHOUT OF PRAISE that God is worthy of… no matter what He chooses to do in that moment.

One of the things we have been clinging to is the truth that Worship is not about What we Have or WHat God Has DONE, but WHO HE IS.. Our God is greater and stronger and more powerful than the world. And He will be the same tomorrow night even if nothing changes in our circumstances.

God is doing something HUGE. I’m not sure what, but, I believe that God’s message of freedom is ready to get out and we truly want you to be a part of this adventure.