We're in a Guy-Drought!

Hey guys!! SoOO, I have a really awesome opportunity for any guys ages 19-25 who want to have their lives RADICALLY changed this year! This May, you can travel for TEN DAYS to Kenya! In September, you can go on the ride of your life, traveling the US with an AMAZING group of worship leaders! Interested? If your answers to any of the following questions are YES, then you should consider being a DARAJA INTERN this SEPT-DEC!!

1) Do you want to experience God in a new and HUGELY different way?
2) Do you want to learn what it means to worship on an entirely new level?
3) Are you needing some time to listen to God and figure out what His next steps are for you?
4) Do you love to connect and serve with a group of leaders? Growing your leadership and servant skills?

I need 3 guys for the 2011 Fall tours. PLEASE email me as soon as possible at christi@410bridge.org if you are interested! THANKS! TALK TO YOU SOON!