A Cappella Nafsi Yangu

First off, we just want to give a HUGE thanks for the response we received to the last blog post about the Leadership Sponsorships! ALL 56 of our Daraja children now have leadership sponsors! It is so neat to scroll down Daraja’s BrightPoint page and see “Sponsored” written underneath every child’s name. If you’re interested in sponsoring but weren’t able to sponsor a Daraja child, there are still many other Kenyan children that need sponsors! Check out BrightPointforChildren.org to find out more.

Secondly, Daraja had the opportunity to lead 2,000 of their peers in worship yesterday morning! The choir was invited to sing at Greater Atlanta Christian School and the entire student body came together for the event. During the concert the choir did an a cappella version of Nafsi Yangu! Check it out:


Daraja at GACS: