Daraja Internship FAQ (Part 2)

What if I am allergic to animals or food?
Courtney says, “The hosts are informed ahead of time about the allergy. But some interns have carried snacks just in case.”

I am afraid I might mess up some child’s life. Is that a legitimate concern?
Intern Logan says, “No. These children are very smart, and you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Just pour into them, and in return and just naturally the kids will pour into you. Most likely, you will end up learning just as much from them as they from you. But believe me, there is no way you mess up their lives. But you can help improve their lives. And they may change yours for the better.”

What are dress blacks? Does that mean I can wear anything that is black?
Intern Meg says, “Dress blacks are worn during concerts. It just means that you wear clothes that look professional when you are representing Daraja. You wear clothes that are all black, comfortable, and casual professional (polos, button-up shirts, blouse, sweater, nice slacks, etc). And comfortable shoes are a must. Also, it should be something you can dance in!”

How much contact will I have to family, friends, and home in general?
Intern Bishop says, “It is different with each intern. The most important thing is always putting the kids first! It is up to each intern how much time you want to make to contact home. You can wake up a little early or go to bed after the kids to make phone calls home, catchup on facebook, or even write letters.”

During the internship will we be responsible for the same thing everyday?
Intern Kim says, “Each intern will be assigned certain tasks to “own” or “be in charge of” to help keep things in order. The tour leaders will reassign and align you in certain areas that match your passions if possible.”

Do the concerts ever get old?
Intern CJ says, “No, the concerts don’t get old. Every couple of days it’s a different city, different church, and new people, which help keep the concert experience fresh. And as tour goes along the concert song lineup changes, and even the kids’ choreography changes every now and then.”

What if I’ve never worked directly with kids before and I’m nervous?
Intern Bishop says, “If God calls you, He will equip you.”

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