Daraja Choirn Fall Tour 2010 3 Comments

Last night Daraja joined up with the Damascus Church Choir in North Carolina for one incredible night of worship! Daraja kicked off the evening with a set, followed by a set from the Damascus Choir. Then to close out the night both choirs joined together to sing a couple of songs! There’s no need for me to keep typing about it, just listen to this:


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  1. This is the second time that my church has had this Great group of kids come and sing the praises of the Lord. If you have never witnessed this great group of kids, it will bless your heart to see the joy they have. And to have both the Daraja choir and the Damascus choir sing together you could really tell the presence of the Lord was there.

  2. The experience we have had both as a host home and observers can barely be put into words. These children are so humbling and most definitely reminded me and my family what God’s love is all about! They brought about praise and worship for the Lord and not for themselves. And anyone who attended this service can confirm the presence of the Lord was in the place. It was amazing, wonderful, humbling. . . and we look forward to another blessing next year!! God Bless as you continue your witnessing for 410 Bridge.

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