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Daraja Choirn Fall Tour 2010 2 Comments

Today the Daraja Choir got to spend the day in Washington DC! Daraja’s past few concerts have been on the outskirts of the DC area, and today the choir got the chance to head into the city to do some sight-seeing. The choir saw most of DC’s major monuments while driving around (including the White House), but the real excitement for the kids was the museums! Daraja spent most of their time exploring the Air and Space Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

Daraja tip: The National Mall is a great place to take jumping pictures!

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  1. We were in DC Oct. 1-7 and can’t believe that we missed you guys. How awesome would it have been if we had met up with you all there. So sad that we didn’t get to see you. Hope to see you in Atlanta GA before you go back home.
    Joe and Mary Suber
    First Baptist Church Quincy, FL

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