The Heart of a Child

As we travel from place to place it is so neat to watch the Daraja children minister during concerts, in host homes, and even with our own Daraja team members.

Logan is one of our awesome Daraja interns during this Fall Tour. He has been serving with the choir children for only a few days, but he’s already been impacted by these incredible kids!

Check out what he’s learning:

I have already learned so many things from these children in the last three days, but one thing seems to continually resonate.  That is the fact that these kids have hearts filled with love, and they are just so pure.  It is amazing to see the heart of a child.  These kids are brilliant.  It amazes how deeply in love they are with God.  I wish I constantly had faith like they do.  Faith like a child.  It’s such a true statement.  And I am a dad in training, but i tell you what, these kids have already captured my heart after a few days.

One thing thats has blown my mind is their prayers.  They are so simple. No big words.  Nothing fancy.  Just straight from the heart.  Simple and pure.  Things like, “God thank you for this bed.” “Thank you God for this breath.”  ”God, thank you for giving us food to eat and please give to those who have none.”  They are just mind blowing.  I literally have gotten tears in my eyes multiple times.  It’s like woah!  I am taking things for granted.  How many times have a I ever thanked God for the bed i was sleeping in?  Or the food I was eating?  These kids have the hearts of servants.  They are not like American kids at all.  Yesterday, we walked in the door to the house we are staying in, and there were dishes in the sink.  Without even hesitating, the boys went over and turned the sink on and cleaned them.  Didn’t even ask, didn’t even consider anything else.  Just cleaned them.  Why?  They wanted to help.  This morning, they cooked breakfast.  Ten, Eleven, and Twelve Years old.  Cooked breakfast.  Because that is there heart.  The heart of a servant.

Though to them, I am suppose to be a father figure, which i will continue to be.  I am also going to look to learn from them.  I would love to begin to imitate them in some ways. So, this week I have a challenge for myself and for you as a reader of this.  It’s simple.  Thank God for what we take for granted.  Pray with the Heart of a Child.  Thank Him for the food you are so blessed to have.  Thank Him for the bed you are sleeping in.  Or how about that hot water you use when you shower with the crystal clear water?  Thank Him for that.  Thank Him for giving you this breath.  Thank Him for loving you no matter how filthy and dirty you are.  I know I am going to start doing that.  Im done with big long prayers.  Im done with the big spiritual vernacular.  Im done with it.  I will pray simple.  And pray and thank God for my blessings.  Because some are no where near as fortunate.  I want to pray with the Heart of a Child.