Dan and Linah

Every Daraja tour is unique and has its own trials, tribulations, and celebrations. As you know, the Daraja choir arrived in the US on Monday, and our first concert is just two days away! And in God’s perfect timing, we’ve met our first challenge of Fall tour.

When the choir left Kenya for America, our choreographer Dan and school teacher Linah weren’t able to travel. Some visa complications came up, and right now they are still working with the US Embassy in Kenya to resolve the issues.

This is where you come in! Dan and Linah play a huge part in making tour happen, and as part of our Daraja family, we would love for you to join us in prayer. We are praying for Dan and Linah’s visa situation, and also for the choir as they continue without Dan and Linah for now.

We know God is faithful and has perfect timing, and we are trusting in Him as we continue to prepare for our first concert this weekend!

(If you don’t know Dan or Linah, you can get to know them a bit by checking out their bios!)