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Daraja Choirn Summer Tour 2010 1 Comment

As you can imagine, it takes many people to keep Daraja on the road and moving smoothly. Traveling with the choir this summer are seven awesome interns. These guys and girls help with everything from running our sound system to making sure kids take showers at night! And everyone brings different gifts into Daraja – some are tech savvy, some are great teachers, and some can pack the bus like it’s a game of Tetris.

One of our interns, Collett, brought an incredible voice into Daraja this year! So far her voice has been a blessing to our Daraja team, and yesterday we got to share her gift even more. During last night’s concert at FBC Quincy we handed Collett a mic to sing and worship on Jesus Paid It All.

Take a listen to this worship:


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  1. I have to say these children are the best choir I have ever seen or heard. Their praise is so real and life changing, they really make you feel what they’re feeling. They give new meaning to the old saying “OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES”. I hope to see them again next year.

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