Numbers to Amaze

As we are nearing the end of tour, we’ve been pulling together some amazing numbers and thought it would be fun to share them! Check ’em out:

TOUR STATS 2009 (Both tours, Summer and Fall)

1 Surgery (Tonsillectomy)
3 Emergency room visits
5 God-sent Kenyan adults
11 Incredible interns
23 Amazing kids
1 Adorable Kenyan toddler (Natalie)
1 Flooded bus
1 New bus to replace the bus that was flooded
11 Rented Buses
60 Trips to the Kenyan immigration office
65 Dentist appointments
72 Haircuts
81 Concerts
90 Naps
105 Movies (approx.)
110 Cavities
132 Bottles of body wash and lotion
144 Schoolbooks
164 Days of touring
165 Pairs of khakis
200 Hours of school (approx)
324 Pizzas
492 Diaper changes for Natalie (Abbu and Grace’s Daughter)
729 Host families
800 Braids repaired
940 People interested in a 410 Short Term Trip (this is with more concerts to go)
2, 250 T-shirts sold (approx)
2,760 Chick-fil-a nuggets
5,740 Sack lunches
6,560 Emails (just from Christi’s Computer)
85,000 LIVES CHANGED!!! (People at concerts (approx))

Remember, our last concert of the tour is THIS Friday night, Dec. 11th at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. Click here for info and to RSVP! If you’re on Facebook you can also RSVP here.