Want to learn Swahili?

Will you be hosting Daraja kids in your home before the tour is over? Will you be visiting Kenya soon? How about attending a Daraja concert? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this blog is for you!

Now’s your chance to get a jump on your Swahili phrases and impress those Kenyan kids when you meet them! Remember, Swahili is a phonetic language, so everything is pronounced the way it is written! Just sound it all out! Here we go:

Hello! How are you?
Jumbo! Habari gani?

What is your name?


Thank you very much!
Asante Sana!

Are you wearing clean underwear?
Je, umevaa nguo ya ndani safi?

I love you.

Stop picking your nose.
Wacha Kuingiza kidole puani.

I don’t know.

And when all else fails…

I don’t speak Swahili.
Sielewi lugha ya Kiswahiki.