There's More to Scranton than The Office

Daraja Choirn Fall Tour 2009 2 Comments

Downtown Scranton is a beautiful place. Gothic architecture characterizes the area, and at the heart of the town stands the Scranton Cultural Center. The Scranton Cultural Center is arguably the most beautiful building in Scranton. Constructed in the 30s, the Scranton Cultural Center is a former Masonic Temple and Scottish Rite Cathedral, whose architecture is typically reserved for a cathedral of London.

Last night Daraja had the awesome privilege of singing in this impressive center!  Take a look:








Still, there’s more to Scranton than beautiful buildings. There are amazing people here. Daraja has spent the past few days at Parker Hill Community Church (and even sang at all four of their Sunday services yesterday!) and we can’t thank them enough for their kindness, hospitality, and support.

So, if you ever visit Scranton, remember that there’s more to Scranton than The Office, and stop by Parker Hill Community Church! – They’re much more normal than those “Office” people you see on TV every Thursday night.

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  1. To all the Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa,

    I am honored and abundantly blessed to have had the opportunity to worship with all of you during your visit to Clarks Summit & Scranton Pa. During the Saturday evening service at Parker Hill Community Church and then again at the Scranton Culture Center Sunday evening. My heart was filled with your songs and your dances of worship, and your radiant angelic faces which will all remain with me always. Your love for Yahweh shines in all that you do.

    You exemplify the word of Yahweh and you have shown us all what worshiping Him is all about. You are truly a gift and a blessing sent from Yahweh.

    The Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa is “Matthew 5:16”. Your lights shine abundantly and beautifully. May Yahweh bless you on the rest of your journey, and He keep you all safe in His Loving arms.

    My love and prayers are with you all… Blessings always…

    Love from your Sister in the Lord,

    Edie Scarpill… :o) <

    To the Leaders & Staff behind the Choir and 410Bridge,

    What an incredible blessing it must be to be able to be a part of all these loving children. You must be blessed daily. Your treasures are layed up for you all in Heaven…You are giving of yourselves and making a great impact on these young lives to help them with their future. Keep on keeping on…All for the Glory of Our Father in Heaven…

    You have my love and prayers for all that you are doing for these precious children and their families. May the Lord bless you all abundantly. God is with you all.

    Blessings always,
    From a Sister you never knew you had!
    Edie Scarpill…. :o) <
    P.H.C.C. member

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