Wetumpka: by Patricia

At Wetumpka, Patricia got to bowl for the first time! She was very happy to come in second place on her team. She went to her host home that night and did flips on a “bouncing console” or, as we say, trampoline.  Patricia and the girl from her host home told jokes back and forth, causing Patricia tro giggle like crazy.

The concert was “sooo fun” Patricia says because the people were worshiping with them. Patricia really felt the presence of God in the church through the love of the people there.

On Sunday morning, the choir had the chance to attend the family church. Patricia enjoyed it very much. She remembers what she learned about determination: that when you start something, you must finish it.  Patricia also learned a game where you throw a small stone in the air while trying to pick up more, which she and the other children continue to play everyday.