Catalyst/A Night for Africa: by Rodney

“The stage was so marvelous,” Rodney says as he remembers the huge Gwinnett Arena where the Daraja Choir performed for Catalyst, a pastoral conference in Atlanta. The kids also sang at a following benefit event called A Night for Africa. Rodney was excited to see Steve Fee and his band perform. When the choir met the host Jeff Foxworthy, Rodney felt like he was famous- especially when he got to introduce Jeff on stage!

Rodney was happy to meet people from all over. He even met a man named Rodney! The 410 Bridge booth reminded him of life in Kenya. And Rodney’s pretty sure that at least 100 people took his picture.

But what Rodney really loved the most was that the thousands of people were worshiping with the choir. And he was very moved to hear the story of Jack (text “jack” to 23000 to find out more) and a woman who had gone through the Compassion program. Although both had had very difficult lives, Rodney saw that God was always with them.

He hopes that he can one day come to A Night for Africa again, he loved it so much.