The Fireworks by: Rahab

I enjoyed myself. My first time when I saw them I thought that they are going to burn us. I was scared when it was coming down. When it continued, now I was not afraid. The green ones were my favorite because it was very bright. It was beautiful. I felt good but I was scared. When it started moving to us, it was very big. When it finished they became small. I was as happy as a king! When they started, it seemed like they were going to burn the clouds. I was glad to see them because it was my first time and I enjoyed seeing them. When we were told by Christi that we were to make a line I was not too happy because I wanted to stay and see more of them.  As long as grass is green I’ll never forget that day.  I can say that the one who made the fireworks, the Lord bless him until he wonders