Riding on the River by: John Thuita

It was Saturday morning when we went to Lynn Haven. We reached there at eleven and we take nap for two hours and take our lunch and after lunch we continue with our study for two hours. Then just a minute we saw our host home after we went with our host home when we reached there our host, me, Jack, Michael and Fred saw our bed room and where we will take our supper.

            Then our host home asked us we want to go to the river to ride a boat we said yes!!!!!!! And then she drive us to the river. We went and her daughter and she give us boat we went and when we reached there I was the first one to take the boat. Her daughter have a pet dog. I put the dog in the boat. After the boat I came back. I took one look and I start running . The dog start. It was get dark we went home and we took our dinner we enjoy ourself but we were tired.