My Broken Leg by: Fred

On the first day I went to a host home. The woman was hosting us. We went with her and then after getting there we go and change and we went, she asked us what we want. First we went to see the fish, after that we tell her we want to ride bicycles. Me and Anthony we went to a hill and then we say let us race and then after I won and then I fell down and then I broke my leg. Another man came and helped me. He carried me with the husband of Jane and then Jane took me to the hospital. Kabugute balanced me because my leg was going like the wrong way. We reached the hospital and a doctor came with a wheelchair, but it was not good so he came with a bed. They put me like with a blanket the way you sleep and then they looked at my leg and then they put me a thing on my hand and they do the something of sleeping. Then they do my leg and they went to take a picture. After that Christi brought me a juice. Then I stayed there one minute. Jane said now we go home. We went home, and I went to sleep. Jane made us breakfast. We went and had chicken biscuits. We came to 410 Bridge office. Christi started signing my cast and then every person signed my first cast. It was paining. After one week, I went to a doctor and they checked me. The bone was slided, it was not together. They wanted to remove me this cast. I started to cry so they said they will not remove it. We went to Atlanta hospital. They checked me. It was in the morning and they set the bones. We came back, we went to Christi’s home, her dad’s home and then we came back to Panama City. Kabugute signed my cast.

I didn’t know how to use the crutches my first day and the second day I started to training myself and now it is I can walk the stairs. I can walk for a distance.

I can’t dance because my leg it is broke. Now I play the drum. I like to play the drum.


And now my bones are set and I am happy.

From Christi: Tour Leader:

A HUGE thanks to Dr Steve James and the physicians at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital… you guys have been amazing, going above and beyond. Hopefully, we can get Fred out of his cast soon and he will resume dancing and praising God!! Thank you so much!