When We visited the Stone Mauntain by Josephine Muthoni

We were in the 410 bridge office in the morning. Suddenly our tour leader , Christi, told us that we are going somewhere special. We were as happy as a king.

When everyone was ready. We were told to line up as ushual but we left Fred because he couldn’t have fun like us. Because some distance. We were woking but not driving.

We took our bagpark and our water bottles. We got in the bus and suddenly the driver started the journey. We were very very excited that day. It was 20th of June 2008. On our way, we saw many cars and buses.

When we arrived each one of us was told to take his or her lunch to start eating. We enjoyed our lunch in the bus.

Suddenly the driver started driving the bus. Christy gave each teacher two pupils because they were ten teachers and twenty two pupils. When we arrived where we were drived with the cable car. It was scared and fun. We had never seen a cable car before. We were very very excited.

We were scared when it was going up and also when it was going down. When we arrived up the mountain we were walking in procession as good pupils. We went round we were taken some pictures when we were jumping up. My ears got blocked. When I told teacher Grace she told me that the air was different. On top of the mountain the sun was shining but it was very fun.

After coming out of the cable car each one of us was told not to leave our teacher. We went where we were invited and we sang four songs. People were very excited. They were as proud as a pickock. But they were not many people they were about twenty people but God did something.

After singing we went to play some where near where we sang. We played and had fun with others. In the bouncing castle. We were making line and we were going in procession. It was the happiest day of my life to enjoy all that.