Stone Mountain by Denzel


It was early in the morning. I opened the curtain and the sunrays spred all over the bedroom. By and by we headed to the 410 office and boarded the bus soon the whole choir members arrived. Our tour leader, Christi, told us that it would take us 45 minutes to drive.

Sooner than soon we were there at the Stone Mountain. It was one of the pleasant sites I’ve ever seen. We were all exalted to see the mountain. But there was something euniqe about the mountain. It was dry and no vegetation at all except at the top. We went and boarded the cable cars that took us up the mountains. At the mountain’s side there was a horse carving. We were told that two buses would park at the back of the horses.

It was kind of interesting but all I was eager was to get to the top. We were all there at the top and one of my best friends could not believe.

We were taken some photos and then headed for the locomotive station.  I really liked it but the train wasn’t going very fast. Instead it were only 5 mph.  Usually, I don’t like slow going trains but within no time it was really good because we could see the mountain in slow motion.  After that we went back to the station and went back to get some photos beside the mountain because of the carvings which would take a good background. It was a day which I will never forget.