My Adventure on the Airplane by: VAREL

It first started when we were at the airport. I was curious to know how the aeroplane looks like. We finished from the aeroplane, we went to the aeroplanne straight in. I never knew where it started. I found my self in it. I went forward and sat where my seat number was. Luckly enough I sat with my friends. My choir members. We took off from the ground to the sky, I was afraid but not too afraid. I waited for half an hour for the food. When the food came I didn’t eat any of it. I only took the juice in the first plane.

            In the second place I ate nothing but I drank a lot of juice. When we reached in the United States of America (USA) embassy I was feeling hungry. I never ate something in the airport.

            I learnt that not to be selecting food. I should eat everything because God has blessed it and pray before eating anything.