First Concert at Pensacola by: John Thuita

It was on Sunday when our teacher told us we are having a concert. We were very happy for the good news. So we prepared our self for the concert. We dressed within twenty minutes and then we were ready for the concert. One of  teacher put music for entering to the stage and then we were in front of the church. We sang six songs and then people were being touched. Some of them were crying. Then we came out of stage. our teacher very happy.

            Then it was get dark when we enter into the bus to our way home we took supper and then we went bed. Every body was tired but we were happy with our good performer.

            It means that when the people were crying the Holy Spirit of God was with us that why we perform well.


FROM TOUR LEADER, Christi Baker: Thank you to the members of Ensley Church of the Nazarene. You blessed our hearts with your generosity and grace. We could not have asked for a better “first concert” church! May you all be truly blessed!