Big Stuf by: Francis Njoroge

Daraja Choirn June 08 2 Comments

Big Stuf is a good company because they let us to go in their building and we sing for them and they enjoy it. They enjoyed most us. We taught them how to dance. They were very happy for that. As we went to Big Stuf, we did not go to sing for them we went there to praise and worshipping God.

            Us we dance us ourself we enjoyed smiling but we were very tired so some people were feeling to fall down but God gave us strength to praise and worship him as we enjoyed dancing and singing. After Big Stuf we went to the beach but also we enjoyed the beach and in the water.

            After beach we showered and we came back home.


FROM TOUR LEADER, CHRISTI BAKER: Thanks to Week two BigStuf Campers! You guys ROCK! You tried really hard to learn the dance, and you looked great doing it. Thank you for not just seeing these kids as performers, but as worship leaders. Keep LIVING LOUD and BROADCASTING the truth of God to the world!


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  1. Hello!!
    I was a camper during week two of Bigstuf camp. Seeing y’all was my favorite part of this past week! Your extravagant love for Christ was such and encouragement to me. I loved the scriptures that you shared with us. I know y’all were tired but I’m so thankful that you were obedient to the Lord and used your God-given talents to glorify Him. You all made such and impact on my life!! I will never forget how beautiful and precious you all are. Keep sharing the incredible love of our Savior! You will all be in my prayers! God bless!

  2. Francis…I remember you from last year at Night for Africa. It’s so evident that God is working in your life! I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see what God is doing through you! I’m heading to the Havilla Children’s home in July to see your friends…sad I’ll miss you, but I know you are ministering here in the states! Thank you for being such a cool kid! You rock!

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